25.2V 600Ah 15.12Wh E-Rack Series Master LiIon NMC Battery + Energy Monitor and Cables (Includes Master LV)

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Input: 25.2V 600Ah 15.12Wh E-Rack Series Master Li-Ion NMC Battery + Energy Monitor and Cables (Includes Master LV)

Important Information:
This MG Energy Master 25.2V Li-Ion Battery system with Energy Meter, can be connected in unlimited Parallel configurations with the addition of the MG Energy 25.2V Slave modules. A redundant option is available with the addition of an extra MG Energy Master 25.2V Li-Ion Battery. Series connections are not allowed for this model. This MG battery system can be connected by CAN-bus to communicate with chargers, inverters and power management systems. The system integrates seamlessly with Victron Energy equipment. Integration with other equipment is also possible, for example with SMA. Product supplied with RJ45 comms connection. *See Product Manual or Datasheet for more information and full specifications.

MG Energy Systems E-Rack Series - Next Generation Li-Ion Battery Solutions
25.2V 600Ah 15.12Wh Li-Ion Battery Module (MASTER)
Compact design
Integrated battery management system
Easy installation
Solar energy storage and peak-shaving
Scalable and flexible in integration
Suitable for stationary and mobile applications

Cycle life: 3000 cycles (75% DoD) - Default mode
Cycle life: 2000 cycles (95% DoD) - Performance mode
Maximum discharge current: 900A (1.5 C)¹
End of discharge voltage: 21.0V
Charge voltage: 29.4V
Maximum charge current: 600A (1.0 C)¹
Operating Discharge temperature: -20°C to + 55ºC
Operating Charge temperature: 0°C to + 45ºC
Storage temperature: -20°C to + 45ºC
Humidity (non-condensing): ≤ 95%
Protection class: IP40
Cooling: Air convection (no fans)
BMS passive balancing with integrated slave and Master BMS ¹
Duration is depending on battery temperature

Flexibility and scalability:
System flexibility is one of the key features of MG E-Rack. The combination of the modular rack and the HE batteries creates a powerful system for a wide range of applications with system voltages of 25.2V up to 465V and capacities of 7.5kWh up to several MWh

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