LiIon Protection Circuit Module BMS Programmable 3SXP OCP7A

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This is a BMS programmable protection circuit module and while default settings are as per the datasheet, it can be set up for different fault levels, etc. including set up for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).

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This PCM features an impedance tracking fuel gauge.

Many fuel gauging PCMs offer either voltage or coulomb counting methods of reporting the batteries capacity.

A voltage based fuel gauge is OK when there is no load, but as load varies and the voltage rises and falls, accuracy becomes compromised. This results in wildly varying indications of remaining capacity.

Coulomb counting gauges are good when there is a load and the fuel gauge can learn its capacity between full cycles of the battery. But accuracy suffers when the load is very small or non-existent or full learning cycles do not occur often, or ever.

The impedance tracking fuel gauge combines the good points of these two methods and also adds real-time impedance tracking.

The impedance tracking algorithm uses coulomb counting during charge and discharge and voltage measurements during rest to create a lookup table of impedance, voltage, current and temperature. A predictive algorithm then calculates the remaining capacity under any load, temperature and age of the battery by using the look up table.

This ultimately gives you far better reporting on remaining run time and allows smarter power management and reliability.


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