Force L2 BMS Controller for use in the Force L2 HESS

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BMS Controller for use in the Pylontech Force L2 HESS-System Integration Information:
The Pylontech Force L2 module can be integrated with many of the worlds leading inverter s.

Contact us for System integration information for the following s:
Click here to view the Victron Compatibility Manual for Pylontech UP2500, US2000, US3000, Phantom-S & Force Series
Click here to read more about Pylontech integration with Victron Energy products and DVCC
Pylontech Force L2 BMS and Base
*Please note this is a component of the Force L1 range of HESS Modules and must be used with the FL4874M Modules/Cartridges
BMS comes supplied with the UP/US Cable Kit The Force-L1 & L2 are a 48V DC modular stackable Energy storage system based on the lithium iron phosphate battery technologies. Its attractive Furniture type design and IP55 Rating makes it ideally suited for installing as a home energy storage system.
The Force L1 & L2 battery systems is designed to be installed without the aid of the inter connection battery cables, significantly reducing the installation time. The basic module is 3.55 kWh cassette, with a 90% DOD, and is available in two shapes, the L1 wider and lower or L2 narrower and higher, to meet all space requirements.
Features & Benefits of the Force L1/L2 HESS:
Modular design from 7.1kWh to 24.86kWh enables quick and secure installation, & maintenance with no exposed wiring or connectors
Up to 6 stacks of Force L2 can be linked using the included M19-RJ45 Cable Kit to further increase Capacity to 149.16 kWh
Multiple stacks can be paralleled to increase current output for larger inverters
Cycle life: >6000 cycles @ 25°C with 90% DoD for daily cyclic applications
Working Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C, (Charging 0~50°C: Discharging -10~50°C) with excellent discharge performance & cycle life
The solar battery is suitable for indoor and outdoor (IP55) installation
Cathode material is made from LiFePO4 for safety performance and long cycle life
The BMS has protection functions including over discharge, over charge, over current and high/low temperature
Compatible with many available Hybrid inverters

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