XTAR D26-1600 1600 lumen professional diving flashlight fitted with CREE LED complete with battery, AC & DC charger and accessories

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Introducing the XTAR D26-1600, the ultimate professional diving flashlight designed to illuminate your underwater adventures with unparalleled brightness. With a stunning 1600 lumens, this flashlight is fitted with a top-of-the-line CREE LED, providing you with a clear and vivid view of the underwater world.

Not only does the XTAR D26-1600 offer exceptional brightness, but it also comes complete with a battery, AC and DC charger, and a range of accessories, making it the perfect all-in-one package for any diving enthusiast. The durable construction of this flashlight ensures that it can withstand the harsh underwater environment, making it a reliable and long-lasting investment for your diving gear.

Whether you're exploring the depths of the ocean or simply diving in a local lake, the XTAR D26-1600 is the perfect companion for your underwater adventures. With its easy-to-use design and powerful illumination, you can trust that this flashlight will provide you with the clarity and visibility you need to make the most of your diving experiences.

Upgrade your diving gear with the XTAR D26-1600 and take your underwater adventures to the next level. ~Order now~ and experience the ultimate in professional diving flashlights.

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