2 Bay Desktop Smart SMBus Charger & Calibrator

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2-bay desktop SMBus smart charger & calibrator

This package comes supplied with:

2 Bay CH5050X Charger
24V DC 2.5A Power Supply
6 Plastic Spacers


TA-124UN/ML Power Cable (*sold Separately)

Suitable for:

Inspired Energy Smart Batteries

The CH5050 dual bay, simultaneous smart charger/calibrator is a standalone unit which provides the capability to carry out charging and fuel gauge calibration on any two N-Series Inspired Energy batteries at the same time. The CH5050 works with every smart, standard Li Ion and NiMH battery in the Inspired Energy N-Series portfolio irrespective of size, shape, voltage, or capacity. - So you can recharge a 12V NiMH battery while calibrating the fuel gauge on a 3.6V Li Ion battery if you wish.
The CH5050 charger is capable of sensing and delivering an appropriate charge to all Inspired Energy N-Series NiMH and Li Ion standard battery packs. Upon inserting the battery into either bay, the battery communicates to the charger over the SMBus telling the charger what type of cell chemistry it is and what type of charge regime it needs. The CH5050 then configures its output to provide the charge regime requested by the battery. If no SMBus communications are issued from the battery, the charger interrogates the thermistor/resistor I.D. pin on the battery terminal and delivers an appropriate charge.
*Please note: Power lead sold separately - requires the TA-124UN/ML Power Cable

LED Status

Green Flashing - Battery Charging
Green Solid - Battery Fully Charged
Blue Flashing - Battery in Calibration Mode
Blue Solid - Battery Fuel Gauge Calibrated
Red Flashing - Battery Fuel Gauge needs Recalibration
Red Solid - Error

Chemistry Battery Model Recharge Time Calibration Time
NiMH NI1030, NJ1020 1.5 hrs 5-7 hrs
Lithium Ion NC2040, NC2560, ND2054, ND2034 3 hrs 16-20 hrs
ND2053 4 hrs 44-50 hrs
NB2037, ND2017 6 hrs 25-31 hrs
ND2037, ND2057 3 hrs 22-25 hrs
NF2040, NF2030

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