Blue Smart IP67 SLA-LiFePO4 Charger 24V 12A

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Introducing the Blue Smart IP67 SLA-LiFePO4 Charger 24V 12A, the ultimate solution for your charging needs. With its cutting-edge technology, this charger sets a new industry standard with 92% efficiency or better. The microprocessor-controlled adaptive battery management system optimizes the charging process, ensuring that your battery is always in top condition.

This wireless charger comes with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to monitor voltage and current, change settings, and update the charger with new features. The IP67 rating ensures that this charger is waterproof, dirt-proof, and oil-proof, making it perfect for use in harsh environments.

Crafted with a cast aluminum casing and molded resin electronics, the Blue Smart IP67 Charger is built to last. It also features reverse polarity, over-temperature, and short-circuit protections, ensuring that your battery and charger are always safe.

With its green LED power-on indicator, this charger is easy to use and provides hassle-free charging. It can also be used as a power supply, making it a versatile addition to your charging setup.

Operating within a temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius, this charger is suitable for use in a wide range of environments. The storage mode feature kicks in when the battery has not been discharged for 24 hours, reducing the float voltage to 2.2V/cell to minimize gassing and corrosion of the positive plates.

Upgrade your charging game with the Blue Smart IP67 SLA-LiFePO4 Charger 24V 12A. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in charging technology.

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