12V 60A Skylla IP44 SLA-LiFePO4 Triple Output Charger with M

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Introducing the 12V 60A Skylla IP44 SLA/LiFePO4 Triple Output Charger with M6 Connection SKY012060100, the ultimate solution for your battery charging needs. This charger boasts three isolated outputs, each capable of supplying the full rated output current. Its steel epoxy powder coated case and splash-proof design make it a reliable choice for adverse environments, including heat, humidity, and salt air.

The Skylla-IP44 (3) is equipped with temperature sensors that ensure power components operate within specified limits, with automatic reduction of output current under extreme environmental conditions. This charger is also designed to connect to a CAN bus network, a Skylla-i Control panel, or a Color Control digital display. Multiple chargers can be connected in parallel and synchronized via the CAN bus interface, allowing for quick and efficient battery charging.

The Skylla-IP44 (3) is specifically designed to prevent damage due to excessive gassing by automatically limiting the rate of voltage increase once the gassing voltage has been reached. It also comes with a battery temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the charge voltage with increasing battery temperature, making it an ideal choice for sealed lead-acid batteries or when significant fluctuations in battery temperature are expected.

This charger is also equipped with a voltage sense facility that compensates for voltage loss due to cable resistance, ensuring that the battery always receives the correct charge voltage. Its excellent control circuit allows it to be used as a power supply with perfectly stabilized output voltage if batteries or large buffer capacitors are not available.

In summary, the 12V 60A Skylla IP44 SLA/LiFePO4 Triple Output Charger with M6 Connection SKY012060100 is a reliable and efficient solution for your battery charging needs. Its multiple features, including three isolated outputs, temperature sensors, and voltage sense facilities, make it a top choice for both personal and professional use. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in battery charging technology.

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