12V 212Ah Pure Gel Type Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery

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12V-212Ah Pure Gel Type Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery
Drypower 12V-212Ah Sealed Lead Acid Pure Gel Battery for deep cycle motive power.
Drypower Gel Deep Cycle Power batteries are a proven performer when regular and consistent deep cycling is required.
In slow deep discharge applications, the unique fumed silica gel paste and specially designed grid alloy plates provide reliable power delivery for longer than the equivalent AGM alternatives to reduce service costs associated with battery replacement.
Industry leading 99.99% pure lead content for superior service life and dependable performance.
Low internal resistance for optimum charge and discharge efficiency provides high rate performance compared to AGM batteries in deep discharge applications.
Gel compound contains more electrolyte that is more evenly distributed across the battery for better contact between active materials, producing stable output throughout its service life, minimizing sulphation and significantly improving standby life.
Better suited for more extreme operating conditions: gel composition prevents electrolyte evaporating in higher ambient operating temperatures and the electrolyte won't freeze in colder climates.
Maintenance free and non-spillable design for long service life.

Comes Supplied with:
1 x BUSBAR 03050841
1 x BUSBAR 03060027R RED
1 x BUSBAR 03060027B BLACK

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