JST Type PHR-3, 24 awg, B=265mm, R(x2)=220mm, Strip & Tin

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JST Type PHR-3, 24AWG, B=200mm, (2x) R=200mm, 5mm Strip & Tin Variations

CE022 - Supplied with 2x Red 220mm, Black 265mm leads

CE022G - Supplied with Red 80mm, Orange 125mm, Black 125mm leads

CE022A - Supplied with 2x Red 220mm, Black 265mm leads

CE022J - Supplied with 2x Red 90mm, Black 125mm leads

CE022B - Supplied with Black 125mm, Red 80mm, Orange 180mm leads

CE022K - Supplied with Red 265mm, Black 220mm leads

CE022D - Supplied with 200mm leads

CE022L - Supplied with 200mm leads

CE022E - Supplied with 200mm leads

CE-T - Supplied with 1 black: 270mm, 2 Red: 220mm leads

CE022F - Supplied with Black 125mm, Orange 125mm, Red 80mm leads

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