Battery suitable for Promax HD Ranger TV Satellite Analyser (Refurbishment)

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Introducing the ultimate solution for your Promax HD Ranger TV Satellite Analyser - the 17.4V 13Ah Liion Battery. This refurbished battery is the perfect replacement for your original battery, ensuring superior performance and an extended service life.

We use only the highest quality Sanyo cells, made in Japan, to guarantee that you get the best possible experience with your analyser. Our refurbishment process is thorough, with every internal component being checked before and after assembly to ensure that the battery pack is in top condition.

You can rest assured that our battery pack is a reliable and cost-effective solution for your Promax HD Ranger TV Satellite Analyser. Don't compromise on performance - choose the best with our premium quality battery pack.

Upgrade your analyser with confidence today and experience the difference with our 17.4V 13Ah Liion Battery.

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