24V 30A Skylla IP44 SLA-LiFePO4 Triple Outpu Charger with M6

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Introducing the 24V 30A Skylla IP44 SLA/LiFePO4 Triple Output Charger with M6 Connection SKY024030100 - the ultimate solution for your charging needs. This charger boasts three isolated outputs that can supply the full rated output current, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

The circuit boards are protected with an acrylic coating, providing maximum corrosion resistance and longevity. Temperature sensors ensure that power components always operate within specified limits, automatically reducing output current under extreme environmental conditions.

The Skylla IP44 charger is equipped with a CAN bus network, allowing you to connect to a Skylla-i Control panel or to the Color Control digital display for status monitoring and easy adaptation of the charge algorithm to your battery's specific needs.

Multiple chargers can be connected in parallel and synchronized with the CAN bus interface, allowing you to quickly charge your battery with ease. The Skylla IP44's high charge current in combination with a high absorption voltage will prevent damage due to excessive gassing by automatically limiting the rate of voltage increase once the gassing voltage has been reached.

Every Skylla IP44 comes with a battery temperature sensor that automatically decreases the charge voltage with increasing battery temperature, compensating for voltage loss due to cable resistance.

This charger's excellent control circuit makes it perfect for use as a power supply with perfectly stabilized output voltage if batteries or large buffer capacitors are not available. Additionally, the Skylla IP44 features simple charger on-off control, which can be implemented by connecting a relay or open collector opto coupler output from a Li-Ion BMS to the remote control port.

Invest in the 24V 30A Skylla IP44 SLA/LiFePO4 Triple Output Charger with M6 Connection SKY024030100 and experience unparalleled charging efficiency and reliability.

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